Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit a meeting to determine if Providence Business Partners is right for me?

Visitors are always welcome.  However you can only visit twice.  After two visits you  must submit a membership application.


Can my competitors join Providence Business Partners?

No, only one person, per profession can be a member of Providence Business Partners.  Therefore, the sooner you join the sooner you lock out your competition.


Do I have to attend the Providence Business Partners meeting every week?

Every six months a member can have 3 substitutes and 3 absences.  Our referral network is based around each member’s commitment to each other and regular attendance makes the Providence Business Partners a success.


I’m thinking about joining, do I have to have a referral every week?

While in the ideal world that answer would be yes.  In reality, you will not always have a referral.


How do you know new members are trustworthy?

The application asks for references and we have a membership committee that checks them.


What if a member gets a referral and does poor work?

Any referral that was not satisfactorily handled will be investigated.


What occupations benefit the most from Providence Business Partners?

It is not the occupation, it is the individual.  Remember “Givers Gain”.


Do ethical rules for certain professions prohibit membership ?

No.  We expect each member to abide by the ethical standards of their profession.




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