Join Providence Business Partners

You Should Join Providence Business Partners if:

  • You Want More Business
  • You Provide Exception Customer Service
  • You are Able to Commit to our Weekly Meetings
  • You are Trustworthy

Trust is Critical in Any Business Relationship!

The most reliable business person is someone who is referred to you.  You trust the person who is making the recommendation.  You know they will only refer someone that they have complete confidence in.

Referrals are the heart and soul of Providence Business Partners.  We meet every Tuesday morning so that you can know and trust the members and their business.

This way enable you to be comfortable in making referrals to your friends and business acquaintances.

In addition to the weekly meeting,  each member is expected to have a 1 on 1 meeting with each member. This way you get to know the people you will be referring business to.


We Are Your Extended Sales Force!

If your business could benefit from referrals and you would be willing to help non-competing businesses build their sales in return, the Providence Business Partners is the right place for you.


Join Us

Tuesdays @7:30am

Light of Christ Church
9212 Bryant Farms Rd
Charlotte NC 28277


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